Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Top - REJ
Denim - Monkee Genes
Shoes - Topshop
Clutch - Unbranded

Good Day everyone! Well it must be a very late new-year greetings post but I insist to post it because I am happy to be in 2014 safe and alive. Remember when in 2011 we were intimidated by the dooms day bullshit issue and in 2013 I was facing a very long story and complicated as well but look at us! 2014 already before we even knew it. About 2014, no change in personal preference. Still, as minimalist as possible and still can't move on from the beauty of white. Don't know since when I've been addicted to simplicity and hopefully in 2014 I could finish my secret-mega-big-project. Hopefully. Amen.

About the look, nothing much to say, combination of light-washed color denim and white has been my muse lately and finally I got my personal rolled clutch. Big yay for that because I've been obsessing over it. Well the top I was wearing is one of my online-store collection. It comes in two colors, the white is SOLD but I still have the black one.

Running a shop is fun and stressing at the same time. But more pleased because I could share my personal style preference and sell it to others. The random shots of my close-up look were my brother's idea. In the middle of the catalogue-shoot he asked me to do some expressions which is weird but I still did it anyway LOL. Mind the narcism ha!

Anyway, Happy New Year 2014. Great year, blessed people.

Here comes the duck face

Lots of love from me and family,


Saturday, November 16, 2013


" A calm sea will never make a skilled sailor "

As some of you might realized I have posted a sneak peek photo on my Instagram so here I am on a REAL ship/boat/yacht/whatever as long as it is white.

This photos were taken last week when I was attending my sister's cultural performance "Bali Dance" at Taman Mini. Never even thought in my mind before that I would ran into a big WHITE ship in a place like this. I only think of ethnic houses that represent Indonesia's tribe and cultures but definitely not this one! So without a second thought me and my brother entered the location and shot some outfit photos.

Have I mentioned before that I am in the mood of simplicity and minimalist look? That's why I picked my slouchy white shirt and black shorts combined with tied plaid shirt around my waist. Double happy because it matched the yacht since it white and had some patched paint detail. I obsessed!

Top: Zara
Shorts: REJ (coming soon)
Shoes: Topshop
Plaid shirts: Zara

Saturday, November 9, 2013

10th Brightspot Market at Lotte Shopping Avenue

Top: Forever 21
Bottom: REJ (coming soon)
Necklace: HK's
Shoes: Monobo

caught myself lost in the middle of the crazy crowds 

Spotted : Priyo Oktaviano the designer was taking a look at accessories booth

Today me and AJ went to the 10th Brightspot Market at Lotte Shopping Avenue. So it was great somehow I can feel the industrial vibe and ambience there. I love how the unfinished details completing the decoration. It is pretty simple, minimalist and comfy. But, as Brightspot Market become the most waited event of the year, it seems that everyone got so excited and filling the venue in no time. Compared to the last Brightspot at Grand Indonesia, this time the traffic flow was more uncontrolled and kinda chaos. People are confused of the entrance and exit gate, also the flow from men section to women's are not really clear. But, despite the huge traffic, I still  love to see how the tenants have developed so much since the last 2 years. I can see some of the brands have improved their collection, also there are some newcomers that serve the edgiest and finest fashion supply. Brav brav bravo team! Can't wait till the next Brightspot Market!

Was in the mood of minimalist look since I have been influenced by the beauty of simplicity so I chose to wear something simple. Pictures are taken by AJ in the middle of our window shopping session.